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2012 Garden in review, part 2

When we planned out our first garden, we really just sat down with a catalog from here and picked out the things we buy often at the farmers markets and some things that just sounded interesting. We consulted the seed packets to see which ones we needed to start early indoors, borrowed a grow lamp from my mom and started the seeds in my workroom (dining room turned sewing/work space). This is the only picture I could find of the sad little things, though in our defense, I am pretty sure that they had already sat outside for a few weeks at this point. These were the ones that didn’t initially make the cut.

We didn’t have tremendous luck with the seeds we started this way, but we planted them anyway. They were really shrimpy things and we planted them on a viciously hot day knowing they might bite it right away. Very few lived and we ended up buying quite a few plants from a local garden chain. The seeds we planted right into the ground did the best. We hope to do better this year.

The summer was brutally hot and not very kind to our plants. Almost everything grew, but the yield was not so great on some things. Our best crops were the tomatillos, carrots and radishes. We did get a few ears of corn, but they were tiny and so funny to eat.

By the end of the summer, our planter boxes were a crazy, overgrown mess. Plants were falling all over the place. It was a pretty good start, but there are lots of things we would do differently and hope to make happen this year. We plan to post more frequently during the process this year. We also plan to research this process more each step of the way. Wish us luck!

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